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Big-Picture Web Design

At Melia Marketing, we don’t just create pretty designs — we look at the big picture.


Our web design focuses on getting the visitor to do what we want them to do. Different pages have different goals. Some encourage the visitor to browse, while others convince them to call or make an enquiry. As we design each page, we take these desired actions into account. Our projects are successful in nurturing leads, generating conversions and increasing revenues.

SEO-Friendly Elements

Our web designers incorporate SEO elements, so your site will be ready to rank the day it is launched.


The website is a reflection of your brand, and that’s why all the colours, graphics and text must reinforce your business’s story. We work closely with you to make sure that the design is loyal to your brand. A distinct web design will help people remember you.

Mobile Responsiveness

Whatever industry you’re in, a huge portion of your customers visit your site via phones. As such, your website design must look good, regardless of the size of the screen. At Melia Marketing, you’ll have a responsive web design. No misplaced images, misaligned buttons or illegible text.

Your Website is an extension of you & your brand

Websites are a way to showcase what your company is all about and what your company can do for your customers. You can think of websites as a business card or an online office that the entire world can view. Prospective clients will qualify you through your website or lack thereof. A great website should sell your services on your behalf. The beauty of having a client-centred optimised website is how it takes prospects through the buyers buying journey, automatically.

A website works 24 hours a day taking zero sick days, doesn’t complain or need toilet breaks. It is the greatest asset a company should invest in. Your online office (website) is not just there to tell your story. It should be built to advertise and entice new clients to engage and ultimately buy your services. This is the reason we are the best web design company in Christchurch. Having an eye-catching website is one thing, having an eye-catching website that converts visitors into paying clients is another. This is our main focus when creating a sales-focused, stunning website.

Melia Marketing creates designs for WordPress, Webflow and e-commerce sites for businesses across NZ. Contact our Christchurch designers to start yours!We also take care of web development for a seamless web experience.

Intelligent Design Principles

We don’t just follow trends; trends come and go.  We aim to create sites that will still look good three, five years down the road. That’s why we follow intelligent design principles in every project we do.

A results-driven Website Developer based in Christchurch

Are you currently selling products/services through your website with capture pages? Are you actively building your database with an effective lead capture? Information-gathering about your clientele is key to scaling. This can be achieved with integrated analytics and customer incentives to capture your clients information so to build a relationship. What used to take weeks or months to capture, nurture and eventually, if lucky, convert leads can be now done on autopilot with the right website. Once we build your website, you can sit back and watch the leads call in. Even during the building of your fully optimised website, very little input is needed on your part. We take care of everything. We create a website that works for you and not you working for it.

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