Get Leaf

The end result for client Get Leaf is a high-quality, highly interactive website that looks unique compared to 99% of websites.

Get Leaf

Get Leaf is not the most usual client we get through our doors. Their product — an advanced plug-n-plant™ system that automatically grows a variety of plants and food and is totally controlled by a smartphone. A cross between a mini fridge and a farm from the future, Get Leaf boasts high-quality, pesticide-free control for better plant growth and comes with extra added necessities for growing your plants indoors.

With such a unique product targeted at a very particular audience, we needed a website that would explain the high-tech capabilities of the Get Leaf system. 

Get Leaf

The website we created is one of the most highly visual and interactive sites we have done. With such an innovative device, telling its story succinctly was always going to be hard. But we decided early on to use imagery to display features rather than bore people with long, complex text. The result is a mix between a video tutorial and a website.

We decided on a minimalist look for the site, opening with a high-definition video of the Get Leaf system reveal. Underneath, we used a few short paragraphs with captivating language to explain the best features of the system, with select icons to help tell the story. A gallery allows users to flick through the different systems and see illustrated diagrams of some of the coolest features.

Our favourite feature is the interactive section that allows users to see a 360 view of the Get Leaf system, inside and out, with animated graphics displaying the virtues of different components. A text bar below makes for simple navigation.

The rest of the home page is dedicated to scrollable galleries and a feature breakdown showing users how to get started on the Get Leaf mobile app. A sidebar allows users to scroll between sections to see features that caught their attention the first time around.

Most of the design went into the home page, but we also added in an order form, FAQ and accessories page for adding other plant solutions to your order. Again, we kept with the minimalist design, relying on some of the high-def visuals throughout.

The end result is a high-quality, highly interactive website that looks unique compared to 99% of websites out there. Get Leaf remains one of our favourite websites and a testament to the amount of adaptability we can provide for our clients.