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Helping businesses grow through digital strategies.

At Melia Marketing and Design, our number one focus is getting you REAL results. While other digital agencies in Christchurch sell services, we deliver tangible solutions to real problems, finding you more customers and business opportunities.

About Image - Mobify Webflow Template
About Image - Mobify Webflow Template
About Image - Mobify Webflow Template
About Image - Mobify Webflow Template
Our Numbers

Our results in numbers


Happy clients onboarded

38 M+

Impressions gained in a year across all platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, etc).

521 K

Clicks generated within a year across all platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, etc).

312 K

Leads generated in a year across all platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, etc).

OUR Mission

To generate real growth for your company.

Real change and lasting growth don't happen overnight. To get where you want to go, you need a strategy that reflects the lifestyle and interests of your audience.

As Christchurch digital marketing specialists, we help you deliver that change by identifying and enticing that audience. Using the latest in software and app development we're able to excite, convince and compel people to take action.

Where they go next is up to you.

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The values that drive your success


What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. While other agencies stand still, we innovate to find the best possible solution that brings you the greatest return.


We're always happy to pick up the phone. Talking with clients, and building lasting relationships, is what we love doing. So, if you have something on your mind, bring it to us!


Understanding how your industry works, and what attracts your audience, is key to a successful campaign. We invest time into learning about you, in order to better communicate your business.


You own all your digital assets, from your website down to your branding and marketing campaigns. So whatever you decide to do in future, you have the rights to call the shots.

Results focused

Results should be the end objective of every marketing decision. Every campaign we run is done with the express interest of seeing REAL returns for you, as a business owner.


Logic alone won't stir the emotional response people need to invest in you. Creativity is what attracts your audience and compels them to seek you out over the competition.

Team Members

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Frequently asked questions

What is a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing agencies perform the same function as any marketer — advertising your services and securing you repeat customers. The difference is that a digital agency focuses on ways to get you the best results online, where performance can be measured, audiences are more guaranteed and customers can be retargeted and followed up on in real time.

Does advertising online make a difference?

Digital is where most people spend their time, and where your advertising budget is best spent for the most tangible results. Marketing online allows you to connect with three different groups of people; a.) active searchers, b.) unaware groups, 3.) brand loyalists. Through a combination of keywords, Google ads, social media, email and other means, all three groups can be followed up and paired with your offering, in a way that feels non-intrusive and answers their particular needs.

What do you offer?

We offer digital solutions that drive business transformation, secure you more customers and free up your time to spend how you like. Our strategies are designed to offer ongoing results in the most replicable, automated way possible for you, preventing bottlenecks between you, your customer and the sale.

Do you have any guarantee?

Our guarantees are based on individual contracts and depend on the service offered. If you’d like to know more, please speak to us directly.