Roadtrain's existing website needed a complete UX overhaul to improve the usability of its separate course pages, making it easier for users to find the information they need.


The client 

Roadtrain is a vehicle training provider based in Central Otago and Southland. Roadtrain offers a wide spectrum of development programs for both heavy and light vehicles including licensing, training, OSH Forklift Certifications, and other certifications.  If it has wheels you can bet that Roadtrain has a development program for it.


The challenge

They needed their website redesigned as their existing website's UX was very poor. Information for each course was spread across separate pages, making it difficult for users to find all the information they needed. Their course calendar displayed every course, making it visually messy and overwhelming to navigate.

The result

Melia Marketing did a full UX overhaul to make the booking process crystal clear for users. We combined the course price page and the course page into one single page for each course, grouping all relevant information together. We implemented booking software which allowed a separate calendar for each course so users can easily find and book the dates they want. We Added a side navigation for all the courses with collapsible sub headings to make it easy for the user to find each service. We also freshened up the UI, giving the website a modernised design that better represented Roadtrain’s brand identity.