Silver Wave

From any page, getting to the booking stage is simple, with clear, direct language that hypes up the yachting experience and gives viewers a taste of luxury living on the seas.

Silver Wave

Silver Wave is a luxury yacht brand that offers incredible sailing experiences around the Bay of Islands. One of the few brands that can say they offer truly ‘bespoke’ services, Scott’s yacht hire can be tailored to suit any occasion, whim or interest. 

Choosing from around 144 island destinations, the Serenity likes to shake things up each voyage, anchoring in a secluded harbour or stopping off on land for any number of adventures. If you’d rather stick to the sea, you can explore the waves using Serenity’s assortment of water toys, including paddleboards, snorkels and more. Overnight stays, group hires, professional chefs, additional crew hands, entertainment and the chance to charter the boat yourself all make the Serenity the premium in private yachting experiences.

Scott also offers standard overnight and day packages, as well as group cruises for those looking for a shared day trip.

When Scott came to us, he was worried about the functionality of his website heading into the busiest season of the year. The existing site wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t built for conversion, and the web platform didn’t have Scott’s best interests in mind. So, he turned to us at Melia Marketing for a website solution that would tie into a conversion marketing strategy, getting more leads whilst maintaining the high-end brand image required for a luxury adventure product.

Silver Wave

Since nothing was fundamentally wrong with the website, this project was more of a remodel than a complete overhaul. During the design phase, we looked at what was working and what confused most users, preventing them from getting to the all-crucial booking stage. 

From this rethink, we used the previous site to create some new visual elements that added further texture to the site. We moved up the service pages, making it easy, within the first few seconds of landing on the site, to get straight into finding and booking a holiday. We also populated the site with our signature animated style, which comes to life when scrolling, and added some video behind the main banners to give viewers the feel of being out on the open water.

The individual service pages too we overhauled to add more bullet point text, testimonials and a ‘how it all works’ section. The calls to action we kept large and clear, using some select snippets from Scott’s gorgeous photo shoots to really sell the open water adventure and luxurious interior layout of the yacht. 

We also added blog pages to help rank for key holiday location words and activities, as well as updating the events page to show off special occasions. Throughout the site, we added contact forms, which run through our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Ailem, making it easier for Scott to chase up leads. Lastly, we recreated the book now page, making it much easier to get through following the numerous CTAs (Calls to Action).

The result is a website that’s much easier to navigate. From any page, getting to the booking stage is simple, with clear, direct language that hypes up the yachting experience and gives viewers a taste of luxury living on the seas.

Scott’s website is currently taking in new leads, which are much easier to follow up on, thanks to the Ailem enquiry and booking forms. Names, emails and questions, as well as follow-up sequences, are all in place, meaning Scott’s customers no longer have to wait to hear back from him. 

Although it’s early doors yet, with the website only recently launched, we are looking to run an ad campaign for corporate events on Facebook, highlighting the desirability of Scott’s yacht for Christmas functions. We have also begun running SEO for Silver Wave, increasing his online visibility for key locations and words. Now that the website is set up and running, Scott has turned his attention to running campaigns for the summer season.