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Create a site that works 24/7, runs on a clean code and has all the functionalities needed for an excellent buyer experience.

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Melia Marketing is a leading web development company based in Christchurch, providing a proficient web-technology solution to boost the digital presence of your business. You can nurture your business more conveniently through our designed & developed website. Remember – your website is your identity! You would not want to compromise on it even the slightest.

Our advanced Web Development skills instigate a reliance on technology so your business runs on autopilot, nurturing your customer as you sleep or take time out for you. With our web developers, your site will be up 24/7, nurturing leads and facilitating conversions round-the-clock.

Focus on the Big Picture – Apart from creating robust solutions, we see to it that your site is ready for scaling, SEO and other future endeavours.

Results-Oriented – We make sure the user won’t experience bugs and failed connections.

Experienced – You work with certified web developers with years of experience under their belts.

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Our team is based in Christchurch, but we serve businesses across NZ. We also have web designers, so you don’t have to turn to multiple providers. Get in touch today to get custom web development solutions.

Platforms We Build On

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We create and improve WordPress sites to meet your desired level of functionality . We’re familiar with plugins commonly used in e-commerce stores. Tell us your specific requirements, and we’ll incorporate them into your site.


Want a website that gives your business a real point of difference? Webflow is the ultimate solution for this, whether is be custom animations or a completely interactive site. Our team of designers can create you a gorgeous website to meet any needs.


Shopify is easy to use even for beginners, but in the hands of our certified web developers, it becomes a powerful tool to create a highly customised online storefront.

The Melia Marketing Advantage

An excellent website can be an important tool for your business to acquire more users. At last, it’s the user experience that has a significant impact on your business for the long run. We are one of the leading Web Development agencies in Christchurch and provide world-class user-friendly websites.

SEO Management


Responsive Web design is the need of the time. Different users use different screen size, platform & orientation depending on their device from where they access the website. A responsive design adjusts its elements according to the screen size of the device from where it accessed. Our team works to respond to the user’s behaviour and environment & develop responsive websites to avoid losing your users.

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The database is an essential segment of dynamic websites. In the present competitive environment, businesses must realise the need for a robust database. Our web developers deal with creating & updating robust & scalable databases. These are easy-to-use databases that could be customised as per the specific requirements of your business. Our professional database architects provide you with some training or guidance to use the database efficiently if required.

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A Website without proper SEO is just your digital portfolio. SEO-friendly websites achieve more organic traffic when compared to websites which don’t apply SEO strategy to their website. We think ahead & our thought is aligned to enable us to develop a more robust SEO friendly website and accomplish the bigger goal of interfacing with your intended target group.

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Our web developers focus on creating a cleanly written and structured code for our clients. A clean code makes sure your site works as it should and creates a positive user experience. Never underestimate the power of bugs in killing a potential sale. If the website is slow to load or doesn’t perform an action that it promises to do, customers won’t hesitate to leave the site. Moreover, a poorly written code can incur penalties from search engines. On the other hand, clean codes increase the chances of converting. If the visitor doesn’t encounter any problems while using your site, they are more likely to continue their purchasing journey and hit the precious Check Out button. This is our standard at Melia Marketing. Our website development agency understands that the code is the backbone of digital success, so we do it right the first time.

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Secure Web Hosting

With us, you don’t need to worry about hosting. We will make sure that what you get from us is the best well-rounded and reliable hosting experience that won’t let you down at any point of time. We will also back it all up with necessary security updates, and certificates, one of being the very important one – SSL certificate.

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