Waghorn Steel Building

Waghorn's website is robust, professional-looking site that clearly outlines the client's service offerings and makes getting in contact with them easy.

Waghorn Steel Building

As a family-owned business nearly seventy years in the making, Waghorn Steel Building is a company built on strong values and even stronger steel sheds. In the last decade, they’ve been growing exponentially, increasing not only the size of their sheds but also the size of their contracts. Yet despite their solid name in the business world, they’d yet to create a web presence, relying on word of mouth and referrals to secure most of their business.

Wanting to expand even further, they turned to us for a solution that would put them on the Google map.

Waghorn Steel Building

Starting from scratch is always a pleasure, and this time, we got to work closely with the client on a new brand as well as the website. Taking the classic bull as our starting point, we added a shed with multiple colour variations (showing the steel gradient) and decided on a strong font to convey the Waghorn name.

The new brand design came to inform the rest of the website. We wanted to create something that reflected the type of professional, all-round build company that Waghorn is and show off some of their incredible projects. The site we built retains a strong font choice and colour scheme, using predominantly black throughout. A gentle fade on images and scrolling animations make the site feel more like a high-ticket item. Hovering over the buttons results in a gradient colour change, making it easier to see where you are on the site.

As with a lot of our websites, the services needed to be clear and informative. Using specially created icons and individual service pages available from the navigation bar, it’s easy to find the type of build you want. Dropdown boxes ensure that when you land on a service page, it isn’t too cluttered or overwhelming. Contact forms, located throughout the site, make it easy to enquire further about any of Waghorn’s services. We also designed project pages to showcase some of the work already completed by Waghorn.

The end result is a robust, professional-looking website that clearly outlines Waghorn’s service offerings and makes getting in contact easy. Since launching the website, we’ve helped the client create a Google My Business portfolio and are looking into further ways to increase their SEO rankings.

As it stands, the website now offers prospective clients the chance to find out more about the Waghorn brand and get in contact. Using our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, Ailem, Waghorn can easily collect leads and get in contact with an instant messaging service, reducing the chances of their clients going elsewhere.