Foret delivers quality French oak flooring for home renovations and new builds, with a variety of patterns to choose from. 


Foret is a company with a unique angle on the market — a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but in this case, it is true. Foret delivers quality French oak flooring for home renovations and new builds, with a variety of patterns to choose from. 

The difference is these planks were all harvested from the same sustainable forest in France, and some are well over a hundred years old. The time it takes to age these boards to perfection and the strictness around how many trees can be cut down make this a highly sought-after product. Some of the boards even have a history outside of the forest, with reclaimed timber sourced from factories dismantled decades ago.

Alan came to us originally looking for a better way to tell Foret’s story. His existing website didn’t at all reflect the high-end product that Foret was. It was slow, clunky and unappealing, as well as out of date. Alan wanted a different look that reflected the magazines his French Oak featured in.


We designed a whole new site layout with Alan, prioritising several new pages of content and adding more imagery. The design took in some unique shaping aspects, giving the site a different feel while optimising on white, minimalist space. The flow was also improved, with buttons leading to project and product pages, which were designed to give the necessary details for understanding the timber grade and order.

We also introduced another aspect of the business, L’arbre, collaborating with Phil Hart from Hart Creative on the design. The additional page showed beautiful handworked furniture using Alan’s oak, all of which are entirely unique.

Aside from the product pages, we also designed a timeline and fleshed out the story behind Foret, which is important for its customers who want to know more about the wood. We created a narrative that’s appealing and that sells the limited availability and sustainability of these boards.

The resulting website has been a massive improvement on the old one, reflecting the brand much more clearly. Since launching the site, we’ve worked with Alan on improving his Google presence to ensure that he builds website traffic over time. From going to hardly any visits to a site that is competing with the search term ‘foret’ (which several others use), we’ve helped build Alan more of a web presence.

The site also incorporates several calls to action, making it easier for people to get in touch.