Modern Consultancy Measure

The Modern Consultancy Measure website is simple, easy to navigate and clearly calls out to the intended audience.

Modern Consultancy Measure

Modern Consultancy Measure is a qualified quantity surveying team that offers job measures for tradespeople and subcontractors. By completing measures for them, they free up their time and allow them to take on more work, allowing tradies to focus on jobs they’d rather be doing. 

Job costing for all sorts of projects, from concrete cutting to electrical work (including residential and commercial builds) Modern Consultancy Measure provides valued markups and measures that would otherwise take a dedicated in-house team or lots of overtime to complete. By simply sending your plans to them, they can provide you with measurement quantities and a cross-referential digital markup, making your job onsite that much easier. 

When we first spoke to Therese, she was looking to build a new website to advertise her services and direct users to her app in development, which would allow tradespeople to submit plans, organise project lists and review upcoming projects all via their phone. Ideally, the site would be simple, clean and easy to understand for the target demographic.

Modern Consultancy Measure

With Therese’s comments in mind, we set about creating a modern-looking website that made use of the blue colouring from her logo. The heading is a direct call to action which describes the business and its benefits, with buttons leading off to other actions to perform. Below this, we listed the main services that Therese wanted to advertise, which link to a full-service page. Beneath this, we added some more convincing copy and a step-by-step process for those interested in how to get in touch. 

Of note is the services page, which includes drop-downs advertising the different rates charged by Modern Consultancy Measure. From there, it’s easy to get in contact and submit your plans via the contact form, which leads through Ailem, our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program, nurturing and getting in contact with potential clients automatically.

In terms of design, we kept the website light, with some nice hover animations on the images. Rounded buttons and text boxes give the site a unique feel, while elements of shapes were thrown into the background to liven up the site further and reflect their industry.

The website is simple, easy to navigate and clearly calls out to the intended audience. With Ailem operating in the background, any site visitors are tracked and responded to as soon as they send an enquiry.

Modern Consultancy Measures are still working on getting the app up and running, which promises to make their offer even easier for tradespeople on the job without access to computers. Currently, we are working with Therese on a series of Facebook ad campaigns to find new clients with a free measure and markup service.