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What is Social Media Marketing?

Many businesses do not fully understand what social media marketing is really about. They have a very simplistic view of social media marketing, which is very Facebook orientated. It is assumed that the company writes and advert in a post and possibly adds a picture, and that is all that is required. That is not a FB ad, that is a post and they’re worlds apart. Yes, Facebook is the 1000 gorilla in the social game with nearly 1.69 billion users active, on average, 5 times per days. As great as Facebook is, it is a beast and without in-depth knowledge on how the platform works, it will swallow you and your budget up. It’s an ever-changing digital landscape where you need to know how it works in 2020 to see a positive ROI.

If you do choose to use Facebook advertising then you will make far better use of your advertising investment if you take advantage of the services of a Facebook ads management company. Before we go on to explain what social media marketing is, let me give you an example of an excellent social media campaign.

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