Top 8 WordPress plugins to boost your new website

Everyone who owns a website domain wants it to rank at the top in search results. But one needs the right tools & effective strategies to have their website noticed on Google.

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May 28, 2023
Top 8 WordPress plugins to boost your new website

Everyone who owns a website domain wants it to rank at the top in search results. But one needs the right tools & effective strategies to have their website noticed on Google.

WordPress SEO plugins can increase your SEO efforts while also improving your site's reliability, loading time, and overall performance. However, how to know which plugins deliver the best and which ones to avoid? The right SEO plugin will make all the difference in your site's optimization, while bad plugins will hurt a site's productivity and performance in search engines. You must first understand why SEO plugins are crucial just so you can avoid your website from becoming an SEO disaster.

Let’s take a look at a list of the top 8 SEO plugins used commonly by every web development and SEO company that boost a WordPress website. Using a trusted hosting provider for your WordPress domain is a foolproof way to improve the speed and SEO rankings of your page. But that's just the start.


According to a study, ~90% of Google Search users only scroll through the first page of results, making it important to customize the website for SERPs. This is critical for both attracting and transforming relevant and organic traffic.

Backlink data, keyword rankings, and influential statistics are all useful tools for improving your rankings. SEO plugins will also help you find high-potential sites and websites, restructure your website's configuration, fix broken links, conduct a thorough SEO audit, and more.

Since Google handles up to 3.5 billion requests a day, using the right SEO plugins will help you improve your website, stay ahead of the curve, and increase your brand's online visibility.

Here are our top WordPress SEO plugins for your new website.

1. SEO by Yoast (search engine optimization)

Yoast is an awesome all-in-one SEO plugin, used by web development and SEO companies, that is easy to use and has a wide range of SEO tools. Here are a couple of the tool's most important functions.

Enhancement of the page.

You can easily manage metadata, URLs, article titles, and more with Yoast on WordPress. Using the tool's user interface, you'll create a modified (and improved) title for your web page, a unique meta description, and an SEO-friendly URL. It also gives you an SEO report card for your blog articles, which will help you improve your optimization. You may also monitor whether or not your post or page is found through activating or disabling robot tags.

Google Search Console Configuration.

You can authenticate the website with Google Search Console and take advantage of its strong SEO information by simply copy-pasting some HTML codes into the Yoast user interface. If you use the extension to implement it, the code would be safe from unauthorized overwrites. This eliminates the need to re-add the framework after updates to the site's code, such as theme and WordPress enhancements that aren't completed by web developers and SEO experts.

Automatic XML Sitemap.

Sitemaps in XML format that are produced automatically are essential for SEO since they include a list of pages for search engines to crawl on your website. Yoast has a dynamic XML sitemap that is automatically generated as new material is added to your website. The XML sitemap can be included in the user experience to make the website sites more accessible to search engines.

Robots.txt tells your computer what to do.

Robots.txt is a text file that tells search engines which pages they can crawl and which ones they can't. You can edit the robots.txt file with the Yoast SEO plugin. You will use the tool's user interface instead of copying, modifying, and exporting the robots.txt file any time you choose to make a change.

Changes to your site's theme, WordPress templates, or other plugins can often prevent your robots.txt file from being overwritten.

2. Redirection

The Redirection module is a free WordPress application, implemented by a web development and SEO company, and is available in the WordPress plugin repository. It assists in the handling of redirects, which is the compulsory redirection of users from a retired URL to a new one to avoid getting a 404 error message. The Redirection plugin is easy to set up, receives regular updates, and is completely secure to use.

3. SSL (or Secure Socket Layer)

Google has made significant changes to the way users browse websites through a search engine. While Google is under no obligation to show non-secure pages, websites with a secure connection (HTTPS) and an SSL certificate will regulate the rankings. Even though SSL certificates can be obtained and modified via hosting providers, you must customise the whole domain-recognized setup of the SSL address in WordPress.

Rather than learning to hard-code the HTACCESS file's configuration, the SSL SEO module simplifies the process by configuring everything in the WordPress window. Simply download the plugin and set the HTTPS version of your web domain as the default address; the plugin will take care of the rest. This plugin will also ensure that SSL protection and encryption practices are held up to date to protect them from cyberattacks.

4. Easy Table of Contents

Table of contents is often used by a web development and SEO company as it adds to the customer experience, therefore it’s great for SEO too. The Easy Table of Contents SEO plugin creates a table of contents, which readers may use to dive right into any key/important content. It also has an automated feature that creates internal hyperlinks by inserting an HTML table into the web pages or blog posts.

5. WP Super Cache

The rate at which pages load has been a crucial factor in SEO ranking. WP Super Cache is a plugin that allows you to improve your website's speed. Installing the plugin and turning on the caching functionality is all that's needed. The remaining work is done by the WP Super Cache plugin. This plugin helps you to monitor the loading speed of different pages on your website using different software.

6. WP Internal Link Juicer

The WP Internal Connection Juicer module is designed to help you optimise your website's internal link layout. This plugin can connect phrases and keywords in your comments or posts with interrelated links, tags, categories and posts on your website. Overall, it allows you to easily create internal links while avoiding illegal SEO practices that could result in serious penalties.

7. Rank Math

Rank Math is another great WordPress SEO plugin that helps with post-optimization. It allows you to get real-time content notifications, and you don’t even need to leave the WP dashboard.

You may also customise meta descriptions and names with a snippet preview, lowering the chance of SERP display errors on search engines like Google. The best thing about this plugin is that it was created keeping in mind faster loading times, so it won't bog down your blog.

8. MonsterInsights

Your SEO efforts will become futile eventually if you don't monitor the progress and metrics of your website, which MonsterInsights is great at. This SEO module creates a user-friendly interface for viewing SEO analytics data in your dashboard.You'll be able to see how users find and communicate with your website. It also comes with a content management feature that allows you to keep track of the website's most popular page.


These eight WordPress SEO plugins, when used correctly, will help boost a website's visibility and ranking. Install them on your WordPress page, tweak them to make your content and URLs more available, and see your traffic and SEO rankings skyrocket!

If you don’t want to take the load of this mess and want a web development and SEO company to look after your website’s SEO instead then reach out to us or give us a call at 020 4188 4803 today!