Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation refers to incorporating elements (design + textual) to one’s website that enhance the discoverability of their website. The discoverability is accentuated with respect to your competitors.

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June 25, 2023
Search Engine Optimisation

Want to be able to reduce Advertising expenditure and still be relevant in the market with sustained business longevity? We’ve got you covered. After intensive research about your product or service, our mission is to enable you to beat the competition and secure a thriving business through SEO efforts.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation refers to incorporating elements (design + textual) to one’s website that enhance the discoverability of their website. The discoverability is accentuated with respect to your competitors. In plain English, when there is a search on the internet, related to your product/service, it is essential that your product/service emerges on the top search results or at least on the first page. Our services ensure this for you.

We, at, Melia Marketing don’t go by cliche jargons, we let our work speak for itself. Having been SEO consultants for 10+ years, we will enrich your website/page content and enable it to be picked up organically by Google and displayed as a definitive search result for the given product/service search term.

What are the processes of SEO optimisation for a website?

We can curate a desired SEO search optimisation strategy for your business. Mainly, the two being: OFF Page SEO optimisation and ON Page SEO optimisation. OFF Page SEO optimisation techniques include; backlinking to your page, directory submission and various other methods of link building. Link building basically refers to re-directing customers from another page onto yours by leaving a clickable link behind. On-page SEO optimisation refers to many activities like enriching your web content with keywords, using headings(H1, H2 etc) for categorization and better detection of content etc.

A strategic approach towards using keywords and adding them to your content will definitely result in Google acknowledging your page and reflecting it in the top few results for the searched category. We understand and follow this approach in entirety.

Melia Marketing Ltd ensures ethical SEO practices along with guaranteed results. If the discussed desired results are not obtained, we will not charge you until we get to that. While in the world of SEO a number of optimisation processes are pursued by many, we make it a point to keep the entire process extremely transparent and clear. We understand that you and your business are in it for the long haul and want your business to thrive and are not solely seeking short term results.

Ethical SEO practices & what should be done to enhance SEO for a website

White hat practices include correct backlinking, unique content, correctly tagged images, appropriate titles and good grammar on all pages. We stick only to white hat practices that are legally and ethically acknowledged the world over. White hat practices establish credibility of your website/URL on the Google search engine.

We cover a vast range of activities and elements that amplify/polish on your website once the content is in place. Everything ranging from design to keywords and even the links that lead one to your page.

How GOOGLE works

It is rather important to understand that Google changes its algorithm that decides the credibility and ranking of a page very often. It is not advised to indulge in spamming activities and unethical practices. Using software assigned to indulge in black hat practices that follow illegal means of ranking, won’t work in the long run. Conversely, Google is very likely to blacklist and block your page. Needless to say, Google is smarter than most of us and has ways and means of catching such practices.

We also ensure that the ‘domain authority’ of your website is optimal. DA refers to the credibility of your website through Google’s eyes.

At Melia Marketing, we actively keep a tab on the newly introduced Google algorithmic changes like the engagement click-through rate for a page. Introduced last year, the click-through rate on a link on GOOGLE SEO page results also ascertains it’s ranking on Google, we keep a close eye on such updates by Google and incorporate changes on your page to make your brand more clickable. We also ensure optimising your brand page/website to be part of search results when google filters the same using its advanced features like Artificial Intelligence etc.

A wholesome optimisation strategy that covers everything from A-Z is required to make your product rank on the first page and we, at, Melia Marketing ensure the same.

While we understand that the Internet provides answers to all our questions, we recognise the need to stay updated with the functionality and changes on all search engines (primarily Google). We believe that this is essential for your business to rank, not only on the first page of Google but definitely in the top 3 search results. We make sure that your business is able to beat the competition, thrive and carve a curated niche for itself in the vast world of the World Wide Web!

To see what Google can do for you, get in touch today and change your business forever using Google – Contact us