5X your Schedule Bookings in the Next 12 Months Without Having to Hire Anybody New.

Learn how to jam-pack your course dates without hiring new sales staff or paying pesky marketers

Does This Sound Like You?

This content is for training providers who wish to jam-pack their schedules with warm prospects, looking to upskill and without paying expensive marketing retainers to fill those appointments.

The Secret Weapon

We are going to show you exactly how to grow by 5x within 12 months without having to hire anyone new and staying extremely capital efficient with strategies that will leave your competition scratching their heads in disbelief. We are going to show you a secret weapon!

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Who We Are

Proudly the fastest growing digital marketing and web agency in Christchurch with 20years experience and a perfect 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook and Clutch from some of the 100"s of happy clients we've worked with.

We learnt from the very best how you can transform your business in the next 12-months

old way

  • Relying on referrals and wasting your time using dated marketing methods that get underwhelming results
  • Burning through leads with an unstructured and tacticless outreach campaign
  • Spending hours each week wasting your time on boring marketing when you’d rather be focused on your business

New Way

  • Generating new leads effortlessly
  • Getting tons of new leads each week using an automated sales funnel that targets your customers core needs and wants, nurturing them at each stage of the funnel & driving then to convert
  • Taking advantage of tried and tested automated scripts with messaging so refined and on point that prospects can’t resist your offer.

The Proof is in The Pudding


Went from -$70K to 1 million in 12 months


Had very little online presence and the company was running at a loss of -150K annually. Using multiple softwares but they were still not being seen anywhere online by qualified prospects.


Totally booked out for months in advance and skyrocketed sales to 1 million revenue in the space of 12 months. Constantly growing and adding courses in new locations while increasing remote trainers from 5 to 12 staff on the road full time.


Optimized a very confusing website by changing messaging and dominating on Google. Created a lead machine and set up a fantastic CRM and user journey experience.

We are fully booked this month and the same next month. It's been pretty crazy. We have your team to thank for that.

Scalp Design

Went from $7.5k to 50k p/m as a one man band


Having to mainly rely on referrals and seeing a decline in the number of leads coming from Facebook boosted posts. They were stressed out and worried whether they could continue and if they had made the right decision to start their own business.


Loving life, worry-free and has a constant stream of leads calling and emailing to book in for his training. Has become the leading SMP training in Boston MA


Re-work the core messaging and changed the copy to be client-focused. We created profitable Google ads and maximized ROI using FB and IG retargeting campaigns.

We are fully booked this month and the same next month. It's been pretty crazy. We have your team to thank for that.


Went from 15 bookings to 60+ p/m


Had an old outdated website with a broken booking system that drove away website visitors.  Prospects constantly complained about the clucky website and the few visitors that showed up weren’t sure if payment went through or not.


Increased bookings every month and continued to improve to this day. Seen revenues improve by 25% each month since working with us. Reduced staff, increased bookings and revenues during peak covid lockdown and restrictions.


Build a modern user-friendly website with a fully functioning booking system that could take payment online and in-person increasing conversions.  In the first month alone, we saw an increase in paid bookings by 50% in the middle of Covid restrictions. Started running super profitable ads along with setting up an effective retention and engagement nurturing sequence.

We are fully booked this month and the same next month. It's been pretty crazy. We have your team to thank for that.

What You Could Do

Hire Someone

Look, you can hire someone for the job and it may work out.

Likely outcome:

But you will have to spend at least 50K USD to hire someone who you will have to train, pay sick days, holidays pay

Build a CRM

It’s entirely possible to set up a CRM that you could eventually get working.

Likely outcome:

But you probably will pull your hair out and spend countless hours trying to figure out all the tech stuff.

Obtain Freelancers

You could hire a copywriter, a web developer, a web designer, an email marketer, an automation specialist.

Likely outcome:

You could still have a terribly underwhelming sales page and funnel.

Let's put this into perspective

Or you could work with us, be charged a fraction of the price and guaranteed results within 30-days.

How it works

flow chart of the booked-in method marketing process

what's possible for you?

Imagine having a premade, fine-tuned machine constantly finding hot prospects and constantly qualifying and ensuring that people who you speak with are actually interested, willing to do what’s needed and can afford your service. No more complaining salespeople about bad leads, no more guesswork and overwhelm at ads that don’t work. Just think, you can have an expert there for you whenever you have a question and sort any headaches that arise concerning lead generation, sales or tech-related nightmares.

Let's fill your calender

What you get is scripts, leads, methods & techniques to stack your calendar with people booking in or with people who want to book and we will even teach you how to convert them.

How will scripts increase my prospect size?

The script is the mechanism, it’s the outbound campaign that massively increases the size as you are not limited to the number of participants wanting to book in. You can go out and create the need.

How are we sure they will work?

The scripts, the strategies, the triggers are tried and tested in the training program niche and focus not on the program itself but the transformation it will create in the participant’s life.

Would a sales funnel work for my business as I offer different courses?

Sales funnels are single-handedly responsible for making the most interesting millionaire online. They have revolutionized the way companies do business online. Sale funnels for training providers or training professionals are one of the best performing sales funnels out there.

Are sales funnels hard to build?

You can create a sales funnel but they can take time to craft and perfect, you can pay for expensive copywriting to attempt to get it right or you could partner with an agency that has proven to work.

What’s the point of a sales funnel?

Sales funnels are destined to resonate with your prospects at a physiological level not getting into the specific offerings but agitating an existing pain point, providing a solution to said pain point and then position your offer as the logical solution to get them to the place they want to be.

Does this cost a lot of money?

No, using laser focused targeting and maximizing retargeting, you can keep ad spend low. The main thing is to become profitable. The ad spend can vary depending on how many leads you want.

How are we sure they will work?

The scripts, the strategies, the triggers should be tried and tested in the training program niche and focus now of the program itself but the transformation it will create in the participant’s life

What if it doesn’t work for me

We have tons of happy clients, but this system doesn’t work for everybody - that’s why we have this initial strategy call! If we find that we can’t actually help you and that we’ve both tried everything we can, we have a money-back guarantee that I’m happy to discuss with you over call. 

This Won't Last Long

We only work with one training provider per area and on average we have 60 calls booked per month so get in and see if there is still the option to partner with us.