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Google Search Position is the Most Valuable Real Estate Online Period!

The Birth of Internet Marketing

Marketing has undergone a sea change in the last 30 years with the advent of technology and the rise of the internet. In the days of old, companies used a few outlets to get the word out such as radio and print adverts and mass mailings. These methods garnered some success on a local and regional level, especially with the advert route. Mailings, on the other hand, netted the least success as most of us usually just chuck the advert and the envelope straight into the trash. That last sentence is not too dissimilar to what we do today with junk emails, but we’ll get there in the discussion as we go along.

The Internet – The Ultimate Exposure

The Internet has provided many positives in our lives and has shrunk the globe in a good way. That advert that you used to put out in your city or state can now go out all over the world. You might think that worldwide exposure wouldn’t help a local mom-and-pop business but that’s where you’re mistaken. Exposure is the best way for a business to advertise their services and to introduce new leads and contacts to the business. The marketing industry took note of this expansive reach and new divisions of marketing took hold such as internet marketing and SEO was at the forefront. And leading the charge is an SEO company Christchurch doing SEO magic.

Why is SEO so valuable?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is akin to the famous marquee in Times Square in New York City. Can you imagine the number of eyes that would set upon your business if you run your business name and services offered on the digital crawl on Times Square on New Year’s Eve?  How much would a slot on one of the digital billboards cost? A fortunate no doubt. Now are these people strolling in NY even considering buying? Properly not!

Enter SEO. Working with the best SEO consultant in Christchurch, we can position you at the top on Google search (times square equivalent) but guess what. People who search on Google are actively looking for your service. They search with intent, meaning they are ready to buy or at the very least, in the research stage, either way, if you play your cards right, you will get that sale. If your business happens to be on that first page, you stand to have an incredible amount of FREE internet traffic to your website. That first page of Google Search is the Holy Grail modern internet marketing aims.

Google’s Process for SEO Consultant Chdristchurch

SEO is not easy to implement, you can’t just throw a few random phrases or words onto a website and expect success. There is a complex and ever-changing process that goes on between Google’s Search Engine and the millions of public websites that are indexed to scan. Google uses machine learning and AI meshed with proprietary web crawlers to find the search query as quickly as possible, in many cases within milliseconds. These crawlers look for certain words and phrases that are tied into the search query to get the best possible matches. These words and phrases are called keywords and they form the lifeblood of SEO marketing. There are other considerations that take place during this lightning-fast search that take in factors such as keyword density and where the keywords are located on the webpage. These factors all take shape within the Google framework to rank your website on the search query.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

SEO Company Christchurch

Hiring a professional to implement and help your company such as Melia Marketing – Christchurch SEO experts can net great dividends for your business. As previously mentioned, SEO marketing is a complex subject in which amateurs can take months even years to pick up on. An SEO professional knows all of the tricks of the trade to get the most out of your website and adjust ad copy and website content to reflect the best SEO practices. New Zealand may be isolated compared to the rest of the world, but it doesn’t mean that your business needs to be as well. You can use our service of SEO consultant Christchurch, the best SEO company Christchurch has to offer, ensuring your business has high value leads, daily!

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