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What Are Google Adwords?

It is a fantastic fact, but every SECOND there are 2.3 million searches on Google. Nearly all of the search results will have Google ads that are purchased by businesses just like yours. For your business website to be truly effective, it needs visitors, and Google Ads can be an incredibly efficient way of getting people to your website. But, importantly, not just people but people who have shown an interest in your business by searching for a related topic.

Google Adwords are displayed on the search page when users search in Google. Google will place your listing prominently on results pages for searches that you have bid for. It is easy to choose the wrong keywords and waste your advertising spend if you do not understand this process correctly. Google are unapologetic when it comes to you spending your ad budget incorrectly. It is better to let an expert manage your campaigns and avoid any potential error that may cost you a fortune.

In this article, I want to show you how Melia Marketing who are specialists in Google Ads (Christchurch) can help you get the best Adwords campaign for your money.

Why Google Ads are displayed

Advertisers choose a list of keywords that are relevant to your business and that is searched by your prospective customer. After extensive keyword/key research, the best most economical keywords are chosen. These keywords will hopefully be the words that will be contained in the search by the end customer. You make a bid for those keywords. The highest bidder often will win the auction, but Google does also consider the quality of the advertisement and puts both factors into a formula to decide which adverts will appear on the Google Search Pages.

The formula they use is –

COMPETITOR AD RANK (Quality Score) + 0.01 = Actual CPC

CPC means “cost per click.”

Melia Marketing can assist you in understanding how to get the best possible keywords, produce first-class adverts so you can get the best possible value from your advertising budget.
Calculating the quality score is done by looking at five relevance factors. Building up a high historical quality score is of great value as apart from improving your chances of successfully bidding for a keyword, you will also get a lower cost per click.

Cost of Google Adwords

The price of Google Ads will be calculated on several factors.
Competitiveness of the keywords you chose
Your industry
Your location (New Zealand, for example, is 20% cheaper than average)
The quality of your advertising campaigns
As a rough guide, the average CPC for Google search adverts in New Zealand is NZ$ 2.87

How we can assist you in getting traffic to your website

There are two kinds of search engine traffic. The first is organic traffic, which relies on the ranking your website naturally receives. On our Google SEO page, we explained how we could help optimize your organic search engine traffic. The second way of gathering search engine traffic is to JUMP THE QUEUE and pay to get your listing/advert at the top of the search engine page. We do that by helping you with keyword selection and improving the quality of your advert.

Both forms of traffic methods have their place. Organic traffic, following good Search Engine Optimization practices on your website, will get you more traffic than a non-optimized website. This is a great benefit is you are not paying for Google Adwords for your listing. The disadvantage is that it often takes some time before you achieve high rankings organically. Jumping the queue with Paid listings (Google Ads), however, is pretty well instant so that you can generate immediate traffic to your website. If you are running special promotions or simply want to get your website working at maximum capacity, then these are an excellent method.

Average ROI is 200% on Google Ads campaign spending or 2|1

Melia Marketing specialists in Google advertising NZ can assist your business get the “most bangs for your bucks” and maximize your advertising budget.

It is also very affordable. We work on a simple monthly retainer and will set up your Google Adwords account, keep an overview of your advertising with Google, deliver monthly reports and carry out the ongoing maintenance/monitoring for you.

All this is done with an affordable fixed monthly fee that you can budget for. Google ads deliver a 200% ROI on average.


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