Customer Experience

As a clinic owner, you have a certain obligation to provide a certain standard of care and customer experience. Most clinics operate in a way that will meet the acceptable standards but never exceed them. The reality is that clinics and surgeries that go above and beyond for their customer’s experience, have the best retention […]

Website Optimization

Is your aesthetic website optimised for sales or is it random and a bit all over the place? If you have random content, I’m afraid you can expect random results.   A well designed MediSpa website should have the patient/client in mind at all times. When they initially land on your website, there is one […]

How to market yourself as a therapist?

How to market yourself as a therapist? As a therapist, you need clients for your businesses to thrive, survive, and grow. Yet, most therapists aremore worried about how to acquire new clients, which makes them not concentrate on their niche. I knowyou may be wondering about how to market yourself as a therapist? Below are […]

Web Development With Purpose

We are considered one of the best web development companies in Christchurch. Melia Marketing is a leading web development company based in Christchurch, providing a proficient web-technology solution to boost the digital presence of your business. You can nurture your business more conveniently through our designed & developed website. Remember – your website is your identity! […]

Online Presence Optimization

Want To Get Your Website Noticed? We Provide the best web design service in Christchurch! The World Wide Web has changed our life radically. It impacts every aspect of our life and more! Along with thousands of other purposes that the internet solves, it has become very important for any business to get noticed and […]

SEO with Result

Number 1 SEO Company Christchurch Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in layman understanding is revamping your website to get maximum internet traffic or clicks when someone searches for your product/service on the internet. In order to make sales, it is imperative to draw as much attention in terms of traffic to your website. We, at Melia Marketing, enable this […]

Tattoo Artist Case Study

Learn what is holding you back from charging more for your tattoos Get instant insights into potential marketing opportunities to explode inbound consultation request Learn what the “ballers” have and what the grinders are missing in the tattoo game Find out how you can unlock the secret accelerator pedal all mega-successful artists have