How to Encourage reviews?

Review sway decisions

In 2019 and going forward, reviews are more important than ever. Very rarely, unless referred by a trusted friend, will a person make an investment without prior research on a clinic or surgery. With this being said, one of the most essential aspects when influencing buying behaviour is reviews. Testimonies will also sway decisions but these are one and the same things.


Being the best in your field doesn’t transmute to the highest sales volume. The perception that you are the best in your field is what makes people buy. Perception is a major factor for people and if they feel you have brand credibility, thus, brand authority, the chance they will have something done with you skyrockets.  People will not buy unless they like, know and trust you. The bottom line is, reviews build trust. Many of the best clinics and surgeries don’t receive the dividend they deserve either because they cannot be found on google or when they are found, they lack reviews and credibility.


Clinics/surgeries often miss out as they feel uncomfortable asking for a review and for this reason we have created a seamless system to politely ask for a review. Now please note that this can backfire if a person had an unfavourable experience so it’s very important you do it correctly.


So how can you do this?

Once a customer/patient has a treatment done and leaves the clinic, send a personal thank you email, thanking them for their coming in may be 4 days after or whenever their downtime for the procedure is completed.

Ask them if they had a positive experience and, if they had, ask them kindly to leave a review and adding direct links to Google, FB and Real Self for them to click easily. People will review happily if it is made easily accessible, given they had a pleasant experience. Now, it is very important that you inform them to contact you if they had any issue to avoid them writing a bad review. This is done with a carefully worded email. Sign up below to receive the exact email script I give to all my clients!

Side note: People love a personal touch, so by simply thanking them here, they are more likely to positively review your clinic. You can always add the referral method as part of this email, but remember, it is important to ensure they had a nice time while in your facility. 



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Perception is a major factor when making a purchasing decision!